Meet the Hovermales

Adam and Emily explored many states before landing in Florida. Emily attended the University of Kentucky and majored in Psychology and Adam attended the University of Central Missouri with a golf scholarship and majored in Business. After spending time in both Virginia and Kentucky for work, the family now lives in Windy Hill Cove, inside Country Club East since 2018. It isn’t a very big street, which helps make it feel that more special. Everyone knows everyone!

After living in Lakewood Ranch for a while, Emily decided to embark on a new adventure. Emily previously always stayed home with the children, which was always what Emily wanted to do. However, now the kids have grown to an age where they are more self-sufficient, Adam’s travel keeps him closer to home, and they don’t have any plans of leaving the area. Throughout the moves and traveling the family has done; Emily have always loved the Monkee’s stores. Emily fell in love with the uniqueness of the franchise, differing in the brands it provides for its customers to the charm and ambiance of the location. She knew when she went to a Monkee’s store, she would always walk out with something amazing, no matter the occasion. This is what she wanted to bring to Lakewood Ranch!